Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Kitten

Lauren has been wanting a cat since...well, probably since she could talk. She has begged. She has pleaded. She has said things like, "But Mom! I can't actually PLAY with Scruffy (their dog)." "I just want something that can sit in my lap!" She has even played the, "But I work so HARD!" card...which usually gets Lisa's attention. Because Lauren DOES work very, very hard and deserves just about anything we can give her.

But...a cat has always been illusive.

Until now. I am not sure who hypnotized Lisa. Or who took her place for a few minutes? Maybe she took some sort of medication? Maybe Lauren just caught her in a very vulnerable moment. Who knows? But Lisa said YES!

Lauren's assistant at school (who is also named Lisa!) had some kittens. Ok, ok...LISA didn't have the kittens. Her cat had some kittens! And Lisa offered one to Lauren. Lauren gets her pick!

The cool thing about these kittens - is that they were born on Lauren's birthday! They also all have "chest straps." Let me explain. When Lauren is in her wheelchair, she can't stay upright without a strap that goes across her chest. So she has a chest strap that she "wears" pretty much all of the time. Well, these kittens all have "stripes" on their bellies...just like Lauren when she is in her chair! Of course, here she is actually sitting on the couch.

We took Lauren out of her chair and set her on the couch with a blanket and this sweet kitten crawled up in her lap. That sweet kitten has found a home!

Lauren gets to take it home after we return from a church trip in Chicago (more on that later).

Is that not the sweetest face you have ever seen?!?

In other news...my triathlon is this weekend! I am getting all of my stuff together and planning a long bike ride and walk tomorrow to help get ready, too!!


  1. How cute is that kitten! Mine are all grown up and now just sleep all day in my bed. I miss when they too were kittens. They were a lot more active.

  2. So cool! Lauren gets a kitten! I'm so stoked for her! And it's a really cute one too.

    Good luck on your triathalon too! That'll be a lot of work with a fun twist!

  3. You are correct. That is my ugly mug on the Team Voice blog.

  4. Hi there! Just discovered your blog and thought I would say hello! I'll add your blog to my "list" over on my blog.

    That is a very cute kitten! I wish mine were still that small. Good luck with your triathalon!!!

    Oh and by the way, I'm from your neck of the woods.