Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Club 8

So...some of my Disney friends are doing something called Club 8. Club 8 is for people that want to lose weight and get healthy. I signed up in January. And lost...about 4 pounds. I am up to 14 pounds lost for my goal of 20 to stay in the Poly in March. The BEGINNING of March. So I HAVE to lose 6 more to go the distance!!

And...in going the distance, I will also be walking the half marathon (fast walking, some jogging) in March, too.

But I have been sick. Really sick. For almost 2 whole weeks. But I am well...better at least. And I am hitting it again tomorrow. Not hard. Maybe a mile. Or two. But I have got to get back in it! I have 13.1 miles to train for! And I refuse to give up...refuse to give in! I can do it!!!

My goals>>>>>
This week> One short workout for 1-2 miles. One medium workout for 4 miles and one workout for 6 - yep SIX miles.

Because I have only 3 more weekends after that to hit 8, 9 and 10!!! I was going to try to taper before the real event, but I have heard the walkers really don't have to and I need as much confidence as possible going in to the big race.

Thanks for following me. Thank for the support.

I really appreciate all of your comments about the unfortunate situation the last few days. I feel very supported and I know Amber does too. :) Thank you all!

Friday, January 29, 2010


You know...It has been a hard night.

I spend a lot of my time giving to other people. That is just who I am. I enjoy it. I am not married, no kids...so my passion in life is to help people. And I think I do that?

I have a few outlets for this - church, being a CNA, and a couple of internet forums.

But in the past few weeks I have been so disappointed with the responses of a precious few people as I strive to help people. The one that stung the most happened just tonight.

I have had things stolen from me...serious things and funny things. Someone stole my car once and it was filled with a bunch of stuff I really miss - like my first Bible and first softball glove.

But tonight someone stole me. Someone stole my name and impersonated me. They pretended they were me. And posted something on the internet - in my name - that was quite hurtful to a dear friend. I am so very thankful that this person was secure enough in our friendship to ask me about it - so very thankful. I am thankful that tonight as she hopefully sleeps - she knows I did not say those hurtful things. But I am sitting here awake and wondering what I did to someone to make them think that they would even get by with using my name and saying something so mean?? As far as I know I have never posted a mean thing on anyone's blog - ever.


I guess I am just putting you guys on notice...I am Maroo. But as of this very moment - NO POSTS will be from me unless I am officially logged on to my blogspot. So...if you don't see my crazy surfing picture beside a comment labeled "Maroo" - it may not be me. :(

What a sad world we live in.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Just a quick update...For those following me on here that are not on the DIS or my Facebook account.

First...feel free to friend me on Facebook. I have an AWESOME username and I am so excited about it! It is maroo! Just www.facebook.com/maroo. Feel free to friend me there.

Now, to a harder topic...

I am struggling this week to try to figure out exactly what to do for my friends. They are having such a hard time. What can I do to help? How much should I help before I lose myself in helping.

Lauren's sweet family...has been through so much.

Her grandmother - we call her "grandmother" - was a missionary in Nigeria. Her son was diagnosed with Type I diabetes and was so sick they had to come back to the States from the mission field. She was a teacher for many years. A great teacher. The kind they name parts of the school after when you retire.

She has her first grandchild, Lauren. Who is a delight, but has so many struggles. Lauren never really walked and spends her days in a wheelchair. But with the help of her parents and grandparents - she lives a very full and active life.

She has her second grandchild...who was adopted. Her daughter was not able to have a child, but was able to adopt a child at the age of 5. At the age of 9, that child was hit by a car - suffered a traumatic brain injury that has him significantly delayed to this day.

And this grandmother is so supportive of her fragile family. Of her children and grandchildren who are all so special. She helps whenever she can - despite painful arthritis. She has taken chemotherapy for the arthritis and continues to help her children and grandchildren in significant ways.

Then last week she is taken to the hospital in severe back pain. The diagnosis and treatment result in a spinal cord injury. She can't stand or walk. She can't feel her feet. Bowel and bladder control are possibly gone for good.

What is up with that?!?! Hasn't one family just had enough?

Anyway...I am asking those of you guys reading this to really pray for this family. To pray that we would find some extra help to take care of the grandkids and fill the big shoes left by a wonderful caring grandmother. Pray for grandmother...that they would be able to help her regain some of her movement and control again. Pray for her children, who are just hurting so bad right now. Thanks for praying!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I DID IT!!!!!!!!! *insert dancing banana here!*

I am so excited! Actually...that is a lie. I am so TIRED!

But I did it!

The triathlon was this morning. I did the lake swim (250 meters), 10K bike (some nice hills!), and 3K run (well, walk!).

There were a lot of people there. They said there were 100 more people than they expected. It was a very nice day! But it made for very crowded bike corrals for the transitions, which slowed me down considerably.

The swim was pretty neat. I will post pics soon. But there was a beach area and a lake and we swam in 5 second intervals...but we all still ended up swimming together! Definitely different from swimming in the heated pool with my own lane.

The bike was very difficult for me. It was actually a nice hilly course, but I was hungry right before we started swim (not good!) and I was pretty low on "fuel" during the biking portion.

I eventually "ate" some hammer gel and got some calories in and finished the bike part strong.

Then to the "run"...I walked this. With my iPhone in my hand (don't tell!). The music was a lifesaver for me, because by this point, I was almost alone out there. The run portion was HARD...VERY hilly. I didn't even think we had hills like that in Jackson! It was intense. And it was actually a bit longer than 3K...there was a lot of space between the transition and walk and then the finish line that was not "part of the course"...

All things considered...I did it...finished! Learn some about what I should and should not eat. And will CERTAINLY post a better time next year!

GO ME!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Kitten

Lauren has been wanting a cat since...well, probably since she could talk. She has begged. She has pleaded. She has said things like, "But Mom! I can't actually PLAY with Scruffy (their dog)." "I just want something that can sit in my lap!" She has even played the, "But I work so HARD!" card...which usually gets Lisa's attention. Because Lauren DOES work very, very hard and deserves just about anything we can give her.

But...a cat has always been illusive.

Until now. I am not sure who hypnotized Lisa. Or who took her place for a few minutes? Maybe she took some sort of medication? Maybe Lauren just caught her in a very vulnerable moment. Who knows? But Lisa said YES!

Lauren's assistant at school (who is also named Lisa!) had some kittens. Ok, ok...LISA didn't have the kittens. Her cat had some kittens! And Lisa offered one to Lauren. Lauren gets her pick!

The cool thing about these kittens - is that they were born on Lauren's birthday! They also all have "chest straps." Let me explain. When Lauren is in her wheelchair, she can't stay upright without a strap that goes across her chest. So she has a chest strap that she "wears" pretty much all of the time. Well, these kittens all have "stripes" on their bellies...just like Lauren when she is in her chair! Of course, here she is actually sitting on the couch.

We took Lauren out of her chair and set her on the couch with a blanket and this sweet kitten crawled up in her lap. That sweet kitten has found a home!

Lauren gets to take it home after we return from a church trip in Chicago (more on that later).

Is that not the sweetest face you have ever seen?!?

In other news...my triathlon is this weekend! I am getting all of my stuff together and planning a long bike ride and walk tomorrow to help get ready, too!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Lauren!!

For those of you guys that don't know me - let me introduce you to Lauren.

Lauren is now 16 years old. She has cerebral palsy and I have been working with her for the past couple of years now. She sparked my love for Disney World last year when I was able to join her family on her Make a Wish trip to Walt Disney World!

We celebrated Lauren's 16th birthday earlier this month. We punctuated our celebration for this precious teenager with a party fit for a celebrity!

I just wanted to share some pictures with you guys from this fun party!

The theme was Hollywood...Here are some of the decorations...

Lauren all dressed up! Muffin was just along for the ride!

Lauren had a great time dancing with her friends.

I just wanted to share those with you guys. I have posted these to the DISboards already, but for my Team Voice friends - I wanted to introduce you to Lauren and share some pictures with ya!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Practice

Before I get to my actual blog entry, I must introduce someone to you guys...

This is Muffin. She doesn't normally wear "clothes"...but she got dressed up to go to a party! I will post pictures from that party in another update...

But for now...meet Muffin!

Now, to the big news...I DID IT!!!!

This morning I went to the gym with a friend and was able to complete the following...

8 miles on the bike - followed by...
2.1 miles on a walking trail - followed by...
250 meter swim in the pool!

So...I did it! I can do all of those in one sitting...so I should have no trouble finishing the triathlon!

Of course, we will swim first on the big day, but I didn't think the gym would appreciate us running around the gym soaking wet.

Now, my timing was not great. We had a lot of transition issues because we had to walk outside, down 2 flights of stairs, and over to the walking trail to do the 2.1 mile walk - so that took extra time. I also had to stop and take a quick restroom break.

So...regardless of my final "time" I will be able to finish! :)