Friday, January 29, 2010


You know...It has been a hard night.

I spend a lot of my time giving to other people. That is just who I am. I enjoy it. I am not married, no my passion in life is to help people. And I think I do that?

I have a few outlets for this - church, being a CNA, and a couple of internet forums.

But in the past few weeks I have been so disappointed with the responses of a precious few people as I strive to help people. The one that stung the most happened just tonight.

I have had things stolen from me...serious things and funny things. Someone stole my car once and it was filled with a bunch of stuff I really miss - like my first Bible and first softball glove.

But tonight someone stole me. Someone stole my name and impersonated me. They pretended they were me. And posted something on the internet - in my name - that was quite hurtful to a dear friend. I am so very thankful that this person was secure enough in our friendship to ask me about it - so very thankful. I am thankful that tonight as she hopefully sleeps - she knows I did not say those hurtful things. But I am sitting here awake and wondering what I did to someone to make them think that they would even get by with using my name and saying something so mean?? As far as I know I have never posted a mean thing on anyone's blog - ever.


I guess I am just putting you guys on notice...I am Maroo. But as of this very moment - NO POSTS will be from me unless I am officially logged on to my blogspot. So...if you don't see my crazy surfing picture beside a comment labeled "Maroo" - it may not be me. :(

What a sad world we live in.


  1. That is just terrible... There are some mean people in this world and it really sad that someone would do anything of the sort. I'm sorry this happened to you.

  2. I am sorry Mary that someone so insecure in their own skin would feel the need to post nasty comments on someones Blog under your name.

    To be so jealous or insecure as to post anonymously, post nastiness, post pretending to be someone else is despicable.
    Both you and the person attacked are people I consider friends and I look up to you both.
    Were I to be half as bad as both you and the attacked bloggee then I would be a happy camper.


  3. I just heard the details. So very, very sad that someone would do this to you. Unfortunately there always seems to be someone willing to take advantage when you become vulnerable and put yourself out there. I know how much this must sting. You do so much for so many people. It is a sad, sad world.

    Love ya, Maroo!!

  4. Maroo, you are such a sweet wonderful person, it makes me SO angry that someone would do this to you. You know, there are actually people out there that do this kind of thing for fun, for no other reason than to try to upset people. I can only think that it was this kind of person that did it to you, because anyone that knows you would never want to cause you harm. You ar much loved my dear friend, and don't you forget it.

  5. Hi Maroo! You are the sweetest kindest person I know and I just cant believe this has happened. I am so sorry and I am so glad things got worked out between you two. Hugs and prayers and hopefully all this craziness will end soon!
    Cathy (twob4him from disboards)

  6. You have NOT stopped posting here.