Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heart Broken...

My heart is hurting for a family I don't even know. Breaking for a child I have never met in a city that is unknown.

I know this...that their family loves God. They trust God. They love Him. And a mother who loves her son. A mother who already lost her husband. Her husband already lives in heaven and it seems as though her youngest son will be joining his earthly father and his heavenly Father at some point in the near future.

Her son is not in pain. He has cancer that has just gone too far. But he lived his life to the the very end. His family enjoyed some wonderful memories at GKTW. And now he is home. And will probably be eternally Home soon.

My heart breaks for that Momma. And his brothers and sister. Life is so hard for some incredible people.

This blog is going to be the real deal. And there you have it. The real deal.

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