Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hi guys!

I am so excited! I have a reader! Thank you so much Rae, for reading and posting! :)

I have a double blog tonight since I missed last night.

First, I woke up yesterday morning and listened to a podcast as I was getting ready for work. A Disney Podcast, of course! And I was shocked...stunned...amazed - and as they said - turned 17 shades of red - when they actually read my email on the show! Thanks Bryan and Jonathan! ( for those of you tuning in that have no idea what I am talking about!)

Jakob, the Make a Wish child that was referred to in the show, is now in the hospital again and is quite sick - so please pray for him!

Tonight was a very cool night! Lauren turned 16 last week and she had her Sweet 16 birthday party tonight! I don't have pictures yet. But I was part of the paparazzi and took a LOT of pictures! They just are not loaded yet. She had a movie themed birthday party, complete with the red carpet and her friends all dressed in their celebrity best! Muffin even got to come! Lauren was beautiful and we all had a wonderful time! About 50 people came to her party, despite a rainy Saturday night here in Mississippi.

I am quite tired and am glad to have a morning "off" for my computer duties at the church tomorrow. I am actually going to be attending a service at a different church tomorrow with some old friends. I am looking forward to getting to spend some time with them. We might even get to talk a little Disney. Gotta love that!

As I get used to this blog stuff...I will add pictures and all of that jazz. :)

Thanks for reading and posting! More tomorrow! :)


  1. I haven't listen to the show in a while I am so behind!! My heart goes out to him.
    Sweet sixteen. I have one going on 17. He is something else and I have 2 years before we have to do a sweet sixteen.
    Gee thanks for the mention!!!

  2. I saw over on the event page you plan on doing a triathlon. Is this your first one? How are you doing with training? And how bare you doing at swimming?? And where?? Lots of questions.