Thursday, April 23, 2009

Try the Tri!

Hello folks!

Rae, Thank you so much for posting! :)

You asked about Triathlon training...and I am glad you did...because you got me off my rear end to really think about it.

Let's just be honest - shall we! I am way off the path for training for the triathlon. I have a kidney stone trying to pass, which doesn't always bother me, but certainly has me not feeling well. So my training schedule is all off. I had lost 18 pounds and now I am back to a net loss of 13...Ruh! No one to blame but me!

I have done a triathlon before. The picture above is of me (in the orange) at my first triathlon! Let's not tell Lisa (in the middle) that I posted this, ok? Rick, her husband, is on her right side!

The last time I competed in a triathlon I was ready. I didn't win. I was even in the big people division. But I didn't come in last, either!

The Triathlon is May 16th. Which gives me three more weeks to train for it. It is not a long triathlon - Just 250 meter swim, 10K bike and 3K run. Not too long. Less than a "sprint" honestly. But I am way out of shape.

Swimming is my strongest sport. I can swim a mile and not really miss a beat. I am not extremely fast, but I can swim a long time without stopping. The swim for this event is in a lake, which is new for me!

Biking is normally my favorite of the three, but I have not even been on my bike (road bike) all spring because Lisa has a broken leg. I actually store my bike at their house and we go on 16 mile rides often...but we have not since she has been injured.

The running. Walking, honestly. Is the very hard part for me. Not just because it is at the end. It would be hard at the beginning! I would rather swim last, honestly! I hate to run. I don't run. It just messes my knees and shins up. I do much better walking fast and actually go faster. However, I have been focusing on this part of my training as I am preparing myself for the half marathon in January. So, this may help my cause here!

Regardless of the fact that I am not really ready...I am going to do this triathlon. And try not to be embarrassed when I come in LAST. Dead last, I am afraid. But my good friends on the Disney boards have told me that a dead last finish is better than not finishing which is better than never starting! So...I am going to do it!

Thank you, Rae. For your encouragement today! Just asking about it made me realize that I have committed myself to this. And I need to get out there an DO IT!

So...tomorrow. Swim. It is time to get back in the pool!

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  1. That is very cool. I am glad you are going to did it REGARDLESS if you are last or not.
    I am not good at the swim part i run out of breathe so I have been working on it.
    I am a great rider too. The run part, won't be so bad for me, I love it.
    The swim part..ugh...
    drink lemonade, and put lemons in your water, it will help dissolve any particles in your system. {that's what i do nurse tech}
    Awesome...simply awesome..
    To help with the legs.. resistance workout and get fitted to your shoes. I will swear by getting fitted.